5 Halloween Apps, Some for Safety, Some for Scary

the mist
(cue awesome, scary scene from The Mist)

Last year for halloween I staged a fake car crash in my driveway — do you realize how hard it is to make fake blood?

This year will be a little tamer, so I have a bit of time to peruse the iTunes App store to find and review some apps that I hope will make your Halloween a little safer and a lot scarier! (by the way there is a bonus GIF at the end of this post from what I think is by far the best horror movie ever made)

1. Scary Prank by IFS — you remember that video everyone sent around back in the day where you were told to just stare really closely and see if you could see the ghost running down the highway… and then AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, a creepy face would pop on the screen and scream really loud. Yep, there’s an app version of course. This one starts out as an innocent game and then… well download it and find out.

2. Flashlightwhile the latest iOS has a built in flashlight function, I find the Flashlight app better with adjustable lighting and a spooooky strobe effect. Also great for trick-or-treating with the little critters to make sure they stay safe.

zombie cat

3. ZombieBooth 3D Zombifier — Zombify your cat! I for one am a little disturbed by the whole zombie thing and this app actually freaked me out when I saw my 11 year-old zombified. A look into the zombie apocalypse world if you will. Take a picture with the app and then hit the button and voila! Zombification!


4. Slendr – Slender man myth inspired horror survival game —  this whole Slender man thing creeps me out big time (at this point I am willing to admit that a lot of things creep me out). In fact, when I tried to download the image above (and I am not kidding) my Chrome browser crashed. Read up here on Slender Man, there are tons of creepy pics to go along with this certified creepy app.

5. Find My Friends – while you’re out trick or treating or just watching over the little ones, this app let’s you see who else might be close by to team up and maximize the candy haul!

Hope you all have an awesome Halloween! Send me pictures!

Oh and here’s the bonus scary GIF from The Ring, which in my opinion is the scariest movie ever made. I literally got a little nauseous just posting this: