5 Indispensable Man Apps

manly gif

Hey man, want an app? At the risk (and being sensitive to) stereotyping men, here’s the quintessential 5 apps all men must have….


1. Duck Dynasty Beard Booth — if you don’t like sitting in mud at 6am on a winter’s day shooting cute, tiny ducks you can at least look the part! Alright, I admit that the American flag beard is a bit over-the-top.


2. Distiller Whiskey App — choose just the right whiskey for that night out with the bro’s. Logs whiskey you like, suggests whiskey hot spots and recommends whiskey types based on what your planning to do.


3. Bleacher Report — all the sports news and stats you could ever need to follow your favourite team and pretend you know everything about them!


4. What Knot to Do — ever been out on the ol’ sailboat and needed to tie a half hitch? Yah, me neither. But put this app on your phone just in case it ever happens. Step-by-step instruction on how to tie all sorts of knots.


5. MyFit Fitness App — there’s lots of fitness app out there, but this one has by far the manliest app icon on the entire iTunes store. FEEL THE BUUUURRRNNN.