#App Review: quick hits on some new free iPhone games

Here’s some great new games I downloaded and tried out from the iPhone app store. It’s worth noting that while the games are free to download, most of them have in-game purchases.

photo 5

1. Godus: be the god you always wanted to. Build a following, create new lands and keep your people happy. Very cool graphics, great controls, but a very involved game. So if you’re looking for some quick brain candy this game might not be for you.

photo 6

2. Zombie High Dive: literally high diving zombies. Amazing graphics and sound. I could see myself trying to master this game on a long airplane ride.

photo 7

3. Armor Blade: battling ogres, giants, skeletons etc… Not really for me, as it is pretty hectic and involved. But for those into Clash and Clans and the like, you will probably enjoy this game. My daughters love it.