Apps that make you go hmmmm……

Being an app developer means you’re always looking for great new ideas that inspire you to hopefully build the next big thing. But searching around on iTunes everyday, you come across some pretty strange apps.

Here’s a few I have noticed lately:

goat app

The Goat Simulator – if you want to pay the $4.99 to see what the goat simulator is all about, please let me know what in-the-name-of-all-that-is-sacred, is going on here. Something to do with a real-life looking goat that apparently runs around destroying stuff. Now that I think about it, I will download this app later tonight…. on my wife’s iPad!

Free Turkey Calls – sticking with the animal theme here, check out the free turkey call app. At first I thought the idea of the app was to actually use it while hunting for turkeys – making a “gobble gobble” sound or whatever to draw them in. But of course, the iPhone speaker would be pretty useless out in nature and you would have to be drawing in turkeys that would already be right beside you, thus rendering the turkey call app useless. Instead, the developers propose people use it to annoy their friends while hunting turkeys! I say that is way too narrow a scope – download the turkey call app and annoy everyone you know, everywhere!


Nightmares – alright the icon for this app scares the living crap out of me. I mean, come on. I downloaded this, played with it for a while and threw it off. I cannot have any creepy, pale ghost girls on my phone (it is a rule I now have). The nightmare app is actually pretty cool though. You can look up the meanings that might lie behind your nightmares. Very Freudian.

TigerEyes – oh you crazy hipsters and your love of tigers. Want an image of your face to match that uber-cool black panther in the moonlight t-shirt? Then this is the app for you! The app has 137 downloaders rating it better than 4 stars, which is pretty impressive. Might have to change my Twitter avatar into a morph of my face and a Liger!

Got an app that makes you go hmmm…? Let me know about it!