Big APP Ideas to Peruse Over a Sunday Morning Coffee (Canadian Edition)


Interesting week, with Super Bowl fever fading into the past I am turning my attention back to the world of apps. I am sitting here with my iPad going over the week and thought I’d share some of the Big App ideas I’m finding interesting this week.

Apparently, and of course being a little bias, the Canadian app market is just yet another piece of evidence proving that in fact, Canada kicks ass!

Not only are Canadian app makers coming up with great idea’s for apps, but we  are doing it in a variety of cool genre’s.

From “badass” social media apps like Hootsuite – loaded with cool features like tweet translation into over 50 languages, to games like Rubik’s Cube – the app approved by the original inventor Erno Rubik, Canada continues to show the world that we are not just a hockey nation!

Here’s some more made-in-Canada apps from a great article by Brodie Beta at

  • The Globe & Mail – a nicely laid-out, national news app, the team at the Globe and Mail did a good job with functionality and presentation of materials.
  • Score Mobile – this free sports app covers all the major sports on a slick creative. Up-to-the-minute scores and stats, video replays, and TV listings that allow you to find a local watering hole playing your game of choice and share it with your friends via Twitter or Facebook.
  • Timmy Me – Timmy fanatics rejoice! Here is an app that helps you find the closest Tim Horton’s location – helping ensure you never have to go without your “Double-Double”
  • Nat Decants – is a cool food and wine-pairing app built by a sommelier. Natalie MacLean, the creator/sommelier, has taken a lot of time to ensure you are able to keep up with the wine snob in your crew – allowing you to work with either the bottle you already picked up or the food of choice for a dinner or get-together.

Check out the rest of Brodie’s article here.

Coffee getting cold, time for another round of Timmies (dark roast) – thanks for the read, talk next Sunday…..