Got the Next Killer App Idea? Let Us Know We Might Fund It!

“Hey! I have a great idea for an app!”

We hear this almost every time we hand out a Zappz business card or tell someone about our company.

And a lot of the time, they are awesome ideas. But an idea is just an idea and it will only remain that until you do something about it!

At Zappz Studios we invest our own money in designing and bringing our own ideas to market, but we are only a small team and we know there are lots of amazing people out there with amazing ideas. We want to help.

Submit your idea below (you can read our commitment to privacy and non-disclosure here) and if we like your idea we might just fund the whole thing or part of it. It starts with filling out this form below and we promise we will get back to you with feedback or maybe, just maybe an offer!

Wondering how much it costs to build an app? It depends on how complicated the app is — how many hours of programming and graphic design it takes. Building a simple app can be as little as USD$3,000.

Know someone who has an awesome idea for an app? Just copy the URL web address from your browser and tell them you heard about our search for the next killer app! Or even better click here and share this page with all your followers on Twitter!

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