Is Chrome Opening Spam Tabs on Your Mac?

Thought I would share the solution I found after a seriously annoying Mac malware attack that kept opening extra tabs to spam sites on my Google Chrome browser. 

I had to sift through a lot forums to find the right answer but it seems to have done the trick.

Go to this site here called “The Safe Mac”, download their free Adware Medic program and please donate to this awesome little malware killing lifesaver if you can spare some change.

Once you’ve downloaded Adware Medic, open the program and scan your Mac. The program will detect and list the offending malware and delete it.

One trick though. I kept seeing the malware after Adware Medic had deleted the files, but then noticed the prompt from Adware Medic to restart my Mac. Once I rebooted there was no more malware.

And with that I will never let my 11 YO daughter on my computer again!

Hope it works for you!