James Hoggan on the Perception of Risk

This might be a little off-topic from the normal posts we write on the Zappz blog, but it is a really good piece on communications and public dialogue that I thought folks might like.

That, and it has been a really long time since we posted anything here, that anything is better than a really out-of-date last post (gah, to busy building websites and apps!!).

This article is by a former boss of mine James Hoggan, writing for BC Business magazine on managing public perception and the dreaded “dread factor.” Honestly, it is well worth a read for anyone engaged in politics or public relations.

James writes,

“The power of emotion is a critical consideration in risk communication. No matter how good you think your argument is in a time of crisis, regardless of how provable your facts, if the public feels its liberty or right to fair treatment or livelihood is in danger, you’re losing the battle to dread.”

Take a read of the entire article here: James Hoggan, How dread increases society’s perception of risk.