Must Have Smartphone Apps for Your Summer Road Trips

The weather is hot, the sun is out, and summer is heating up.   Living in Vancouver we are in perfect driving range from a variety of big festivals, outdoor events, and camping.

Creating the atmosphere for a memorable road trip used to take a long time. You had to get your maps out, look at all the attractions you wanted to stop at and create the perfect mix cd.

Now in the world of apps there are thousands of options for all these tasks.

Here’s a few of the apps the Zappz team is loving to help make that summer road trip even better.


nzY7QJp Spotify: There are a couple of very popular music apps, but Spotify is still on top. Their free option allows you to stream music, create your own playlists, and has over 30 million songs to choose from. Subscribe to the premium version and download playlists to your device to take on the road while saving your data usage. Now that apple is creating their own music streaming service it will be interesting to see if Spotify can hold their number one spot.


event_217953192 Animoto: With this app you can easily turn your road trip photo’s into amazing videos. Pick images and/or videos from your camera “roll,” create the perfect mood with a song (either one provided by Animoto or uploaded from your phone), choose a background, and hit create. You can then share your video via messages, email, Twitter, and Facebook.


download (1) Heads Up: Created by Ellen DeGeneres, Heads Up is usually meant for family  events, but it makes for a great time on the road. How it works is the person  guessing holds the phone up on their forehead and the others get them to guess what is on the screen… all while filming the shenanigans.

madlibs Mad Libs: Mad Libs is an old-school game that has been moved to the app world.  Mad Libs asks the players for words and then puts them into a story that you then  read. The app comes with a couple free stories, and then asks you to purchase  more.

icon175x175 (2) Family Car Games: This $2 app is not a typical game, but more a resource for  over a 100 no-equipment-needed games you can play on the road. They are all  family friendly, and you can sort through them by age, friendliness, difficulty, or  type of game.


waze_app_iconWaze: Waze is a great navigation app that offers multiple routes, real-time traffic, speed trap notifications, and gas price comparisons. It is a community-based app, which means it’s updated by other users. This app is great because it combines multiple app functions into one.


 CoPilot GPS: Waze is a great navigator, but it only works when you have a data connection. If you happen to find yourself off the  grid, having a secondary offline navigation app like CoPilot GPS can be a lifesaver. Just be sure to download the free maps for the areas you plan to travel to before you hit the road; you’ll only have to sacrifice a few gigs of storage space.

mzl.mjzrkdch  SitOrSquat: This is a very clever name for an app, and marketing tactic by      Charmin, that helps you find nearby public restrooms. It’s very useful when     you’re on the road and you’ve gotta go. Each restroom listed comes with a user rating of cleanliness, and you can add your own rating after your visit.

gear_app_hotel_tonight_300x300 Hotel Tonight: Sometimes you just need to take a last minute road trip and just drive and figure everything else out later. For those who heed adventure’s call without sorting the details, Hotel Tonight is there to bail you out. Available in 12 countries  you can search for last minute hotel deals for next crazy adventure.


icon175x175 Food Tripping: You’re on the open road, exploring new and curious places. So why not try some new local restaurants and healthy alternatives to fast-food  chains wherever you are? But it’s not all just organic coffee shops and sustainable  vegan eateries. Food Tripping locates the closest eateries, juice joints, farmers markets, and even microbreweries. Er…. just don’t drink and drive.

icon175x175 (1) TVFoodMaps: Want to eat at those cool restaurants you see on TV? This is the  app for you. TVFoodMaps helps you find, track, and hopefully eat at the same restaurants you  see on shows like Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Man V. Food, Best Thing I Ever  Ate, No Reservations, Top Chef, and more. Good luck, and good eating.

Local Attractions: 

og_logo Findery: Adds some personality to your list of must-see destinations. Read and leave traveler’s notes about local secrets, best eats, or particularly weird  experiences in places around the world. Plot your treasure map, find new places, create your bucket list.

Any must have Road Trip apps we missed?