My Indispensable Business #Apps

Here’s five apps that I’ve found to very helpful in the day-to-day of running a businesssp (or two!):


1. Evernote – the Evernote App syncs with the Evernote desktop version, so when I am out of the office, at a meeting or whatever, I can refer back to notes I took on my computer. If you don’t use Evernote, give it a try on your desktop for notetaking and if you find it as productive as I do, then add it to your phone too!

cam card

2. CamCard – not matter how digital we get there’s no substitute for the good ol’ fashioned business card. CamCard reads your business cards and adds them to your contact list quick and easy. After a conference and on the flight home, take a half hour to scan in all the new contacts you made!

linked in

3. Linked In App – no list of business apps is complete without the top business social network Linked In. If you don’t have a Linked In account and you’re trying to grow your business (or maybe jump to a new job), you got to be on Linked In.

tape a call

4. Tape A Call Pro – I have reviewed this app before and I will gladly do it again. Super simple to use. Just jump on a call, hit the tape a call app and it will turn the call into a 3-way conference call and start recording. I use Tape a Call when I know there is nobody taking notes and there may be important details I want to circle back on. Make sure to let the others on the call know that you are recording the call, it is common courtesy and in many regions a legal necessity.

hotles app

5. – all I have to say is I get a free room for every ten booked and the more access I have to, the happier my wife is when I get back from an extended business trip with free hotels for the weekend!