Can You Guess the One Smartphone App George Costanza Would Use the Most?

costanza digital wallet

Back in the Seinfeld days we all rocked huge cell phones, but I’m telling you, if George Costanza had an iPhone back then I know what app he would be raving about.

In the 12th episode of the 9th season of Seinfeld, Jerry’s sidekick George pulls out a hilariously massive wallet as the source of his back pain. The clip is below, but whenever anyone from the Seinfeld era pulls out a huge wallet, someone invariably mocks their “Costanza Wallet.”

A couple years back Google actually used actor Jason Alexander and his George Costanza character to promote their near field chip (NFC) tap-and-pay software, Google Pay. Thing is though that Google Pay doesn’t really get rid of that many cards in your wallet.

Most of the cards in the average wallet aren’t debit and credit cards, but instead they are all the loyalty, coupon and gift cards.

Costanza doesn’t need the Google Pay app. After all, would the Google Pay app get rid of that “Orlando-Area Exxon Station” card? Heck no. (er, watch the clip at the end if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

What Constanza really needs is Total Wallet, the new digital wallet app that lets you scan the UPC codes of all those loyalty and gift cards into your smartphone!

Unlike other digital wallets on the market, Total Wallet doesn’t just take a picture of your cards, which really isn’t that helpful when it comes to using them at the shopping till. Instead Total Wallet actually scans the UPC, the code that looks like this:

total wallet digital wallet

The UPC is then stored on your phone and can be scanned at the cashier. An app that would truly make George happy and likely end that nasty wallet back pain.

You can click here to download the Total Wallet, digital wallet app on iTunes.  The Android version is coming soon — which I will admit, Constanza is probably more of an Android kind of guy.

Oh and here’s the Costanza exploding wallet clip… classic Seinfeld: