Total Wallet Blog Series: The Totally Smart Digital Wallet Part 1

Zappz Studios goal with Total Wallet is to simplify your life in one app. Using the totally smart digital wallet app we are working towards eliminating the need for a physical wallet!

In Part 1 of the Total Wallet blog series we are reviewing the Loyalty and Gift Card function of the app. Total Wallet allows you to easily scan and store all your loyalty cards in your smartphone. If you are like most people you either have a “Costanza” wallet, like our good friend from Seinfeld, or you leave the majority of them at home in a junk drawer never collecting the rewards – now you don’t have to! Scan and add your cards, access them in My Loyalty Cards (you can even select your most used cards and highlight them in  “favourites” for even more convenient use) and throw those old beat up cards in the recycling.

Stop missing out on loyalty points because that card did not make the “wallet cut” – download Total Wallet today.

Not only can you store all your loyalty cards, you can also scan and add any gift cards you may have in that junk drawer. Keeping all your gift cards in one place is convenient but also ensures you can use every last penny before taking it out of your wallet.

Check out Total Wallet – the totally smart digital wallet – today to simplify your life! Stay tuned for more blogs on Total Wallet.