Total Wallet Blog Series: The Totally Smart Digital Wallet Part 2

Zappz Studios goal with Total Wallet is to simplify your life in one app. Using the totally smart digital wallet app we are working towards eliminating the need for a physical wallet!

Part 2 of the Total Wallet blog series we want to tell you about the Lists & Notes functions of the app. Total Wallet provides an easy to use platform for creating lists and notes. Once you create your lists and/or notes you can then save them or share them over multiple platforms through our Sync and Save function. Have a grocery list you do not have time to pick up? Send it to a roommate, significant other, or friend and have them pick it up on their way home!

The Sync and Save function not only allows sharing lists and notes across multiple devices, but also stores all your information securely in the cloud. If you break, lose or upgrade your smartphone, simply download Total Wallet again, enter your password and get all your data back within one, life simplifying app!
Check out Total Wallet – the totally smart digital wallet – today to simplify your life and stay tuned to more blogs on Total Wallet.