Total Wallet Blog Series: The Totally Smart Digital Wallet Part 3

Zappz Studios goal with Total Wallet is to simplify your life in one app. Using the totally smart digital wallet app we are working towards eliminating the need for a physical wallet!

The third part of the Total Wallet blog series that we want to review is the Usernames & Passwords function. Are you one of many in “password hell”? We were at Zappz Studios until we came up with the Total Wallet! Inside the Usernames & Passwords section, all your usernames and passwords can be easily entered and securely stored with passcode protection. Store your bank card password, Facebook, Twitter, email, computer, Apple ID, subscription passwords, and anything else you have! 

Need to update any of them? Click on your “account” and edit or delete the username and/or password easily and efficiently. You can also share any of them through the easy-to-use “share” button on the top bar within the section.

Check out Total Wallet – the totally smart digital wallet – today to simplify your life and stay tuned to more blogs on Total Wallet.