Total Wallet Blog Series: The Totally Smart Digital Wallet Part 4

Zappz Studios goal with Total Wallet is to simplify your life in one app. Using the totally smart digital wallet app we are working towards eliminating the need for a physical wallet!

The fourth part of the Total Wallet blog series that we are reviewing is the More Cards and ID function of the app.

This is another passcode protected section of our totally smart digital wallet – intended to protect your drivers license, nexus card, passport, and any of the other cards you choose to store in here! We are still working with jurisdictions around the acceptability of some of these cards in a digital format – but if you bump into the right police officer or border gaurd without your wallet, the Total Wallet just might save your day!

Scan and store those ID’s, along with a photo of the front and back and store for safe keeping until this technology is universally accepted!

You can also scan and store all your other cards in this section – think about your gym card, your local coffee shop card, your always popular library card!

As awesome as Total Wallet already is we are not finished. Download Total Wallet today and stay tuned for even more cool functionality that will in fact simplify your life in one app!