Zappz Big #App News This Week

sup1(remote control your friends with Sup)

5 quick hit #app stories and why you should care:

1. United Airlines has added passport scanning to their app. 

Why it’s big deal: more and more apps are able to scan our personal information, but a passport is a biggie given how valuable this document is. What could be next? Maybe police accepting a scanned version of your driver’s license.

2. Buycott allows users to identify and choose not to buy Israeli products. 

Why it’s a big deal: obviously this is a very politically charged app given the horrific fighting in the Gaza region, but from a tech point of view the big news is that the app has garnered 350,000 supporters since it was launched a few days ago.

3. Facebook taking big heat over it’s messenger app’s terms of service.

Why it’s a big deal:  Facebook Messenger has over 1 billion downloads, so any news is big news. But this controversy raises some serious questions about your rights to privacy and information. For example, one of the terms of service states that by accepting you are allowing the app to possibly “call phone numbers without your intervention.”

4. Push for Pizza launches and gets big press attention.

Why it’s a big deal: this story shows the importance of finding a good news angle (if you can) when you launch your app. The app is pretty clever in it’s simplicity, but the great news angle is that it was created by five 19 year-olds. That, and it’s a pizza app which bounds to make it a big story in North America. And maybe Italy?

5. Video app “Sup” let’s you remote control your friends. 

Why it’s a big deal: it’s not really that big a deal, but I love the idea. Super-fun twist on SnapChat. Take 10 second videos based on instructions from a friend… wait, now that I think about this, it could get pretty… well how do I say this… er, risque.